Buy CSGO Primes with Loyalty Badge

Buy CSGO Prime Accounts with Loyalty Badge at GetRankedAccount, the cheapest and safest place to buy CSGO Prime Smurf Accounts with Loyalty Badges. All accounts come with prime status and ranks.
Various Ranks for Prime Ranked Accounts:-

  • Private Rank 2 Prime
  • Silver 1 Prime Account
  • Silver 2 Prime Account
  • Silver 3 Prime Account
  • Silver 4 Prime Account
  • Silver Elite Prime Account
  • Silver Elite Master Prime Account
  • Gold Nova 1 Prime Account
  • Gold Nova 2 Prime Account
  • Gold Nova 3 Prime Account
  • Gold Nova Master Prime Account
  • Master Guardian 1 Prime Account
  • Master Guardian 2 Prime Account
  • Master Guardian Elite Prime Account
  • Distinguished Master Guardian Elite Prime Account
  • Legendary Eagle Prime Account
  • Legendary Eagle Master Prime Account
  • Supreme Master First Class or SMFC Prime Account
  • The Global Elite Prime Account

GetRankedAccount provides cheap prime accounts with Lifetime Guarantee and instant delivery moreover the accounts are self boosted with our team of trained, dedicated boosters as a result these accounts are of high quality. Cs go hacks are not used in any of the above accounts neither any  other 3rd party program or software is used to get the desired rank, which also ensures high trust factor on the accounts.

Loyalty Badge Accounts are featured on all accounts that were atleast Private Rank 2 before December 6 2018 (Danger Zone Update) The Loyalty Badge features on your account as an added advantage for players who paid for the game before csgo went free to play.

Low on Budget? You can always Buy Csgo Non Prime Accounts.

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