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How to Rankup from Silver to Gold Nova

Counter-Strike : Global Offensive (commonly known as CSGO) was released by Valve back in 2012. The game has continued to rise in popularity since then and is one of the topmost played games in the world.
The game’s competitive mode consists of various skill groups based on the
player’s gameplay. There are total 18 skill groups, Silver being the lowest and Global Elite being the highest.
Silvers are often criticized for their low-level gameplay and noob tactics. There are many newbie mistakes Silvers often make which stops them from a rankup.
Let’s see some common factors Silvers should keep in mind to rankup :-

  1. Rushing for nothing
    Silvers are mostly unstoppable ingame. When the clock goes off they
    rush off to wherever they feel like without holding at their location first.
    This strategy works for Silver games but will never lead you to a rankup
    to Gold Nova. Wait, flash, use grenades, molotovs, smoke and then
  2. Smokes
    One of the most important things which you must learn is smokes. Silvers have no idea how much power smokes hold. If smokes are used correctly, the ball would always be in your court. Watch YouTube videos, play custom maps and master the smokes on the maps you play. You’ll automatically know the difference that how much blocking the sight of the enemy helps.
  3. Good Teammates
    Queuing with good non-toxic players helps a lot. It can certainly help you ranking up and learning new things. Finding non-toxic teammates is a tedious task, but once you find the right people, it’ll be productive for all of you

4. Time to upgrade from SMGs

Silvers are also referred to as “P90 Noobs” as they are known to use P90
often. P90 has been a preferred choice for Silvers as it has less recoil and
could be sprayed because of having a good magazine. Using P90 is an
expensive affair and ineffective at higher ranks. You should consider
shifting to Rifles such as M4A4/A1-S, AK-47, Galil AR, FAMAS etc. If AK-
47s spray is too difficult to handle you can always go with Galil AR first.
Play Deathmatches and learn to control the spray. You know they say
Practice makes a man perfect.

5. Deathmatch before you start a Competitive Match
Playing Deathmatch is necessary before jumping into a competitive
match. A Deathmatch sets your aim and recoil better so you go into the
competitive match well prepared to take anyone down.

6. Do NOT use hacks
Hacks simply ruin the game experience for everyone. You might be able
to rankup easily with hacks, but you in your heart know that you are a
low-rank Silver and will always be if you didn’t have the unfair advantage
over Legitimate gamers. What’s the point in playing the game then?

7. Buy a CSGO Prime Account (Ranked)
Or you can simply buy a CSGO Prime Account from CSGO Accounts store
such as GetRankedAccount to save yourself the hassle of ranking up! All
types of accounts ranging from Silver Prime, Gold Nova Prime, Master
Guardian Prime
, Legendary Eagle Prime, Supreme Master First Class
and also the highest CSGO Rank Global Elite are available.


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