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buy csgo accounts using PayPal

At CsgoSmurfNinja, we provide you the option of buy csgo accounts using paypal. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Valve. Counter-Strike Global Offensive has a competitive mode that is built for professional and competitive players. This mode is similar to how tournaments are played all over the world, with the teams swapping sides after the first 15 rounds.

This is different from the normal casual mode, It pits two teams of 5 people against each other for a match that can last up to 30 rounds. Each round is played for 1 minute 55 seconds and the bomb takes 40 seconds to blow up. After the first 15 rounds, the teams swap sides. The first team to win 16 rounds wins the game, if both teams score 15 each, the game ends in a draw. Additionally, a game can end earlier if either one of the teams surrenders.

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Prime Account matchmaking was added to the game in 2016. We let you the option of also buy csgo accounts using paypal including csgo primes!This allowed players with the profile rank of Lieutenant Rank 21 and above to use the Prime Matchmaking. Players must connect their account with a valid phone number and the number can only be registered to one account. Doing this made Players accounts attain Prime Status. This was used to match Prime Status accounts with each other in competitive play.

Later, Trust Factor was introduced to improve the matchmaking experience of all players. Trust Factor combines the best features of Prime and several other hidden factors, such as, how frequently is an account reported, how long they play CSGO and other games, and what they did overall across the steam platform.

This is called the System Trust, these factors are then taken into account to derive a player’s CSGO Trust Factor value. The Trust factor will match players similar to you for you to play with, depending on the skill group, and the number of players queuing your matchmaking will vary.

Buy Csgo accounts using PayPal is required by all of our customers as csgo is no doubt one of the most played games with the biggest player base due to how competitive it is. When you create a new account, you are very limited in what you can do. You cannot step into competitive play using a non-prime account or else you are bound to meet cheaters. Buying a CSGO Prime account will give you the best in-game experience.

You do not need to take the effort to slowly grind your way to it, we have done it for you. All accounts come with Prime status and are ready for matchmaking immediately. There are many ranks in the CSGO Competitive ladder, starting from Silver 1 to Global Elite.

There are 18 Ranks in CSGO Competitive. You can buy csgo accounts using PayPal in all of these ranks. The first 6 are all silver accounts and is where new players are mostly placed. It starts from Silver 1 -> Silver 2 -> Silver III -> Silver IV -> Silver Elite -> Silver Elite Master.

The next 7 ranks are where the majority of CSGO players are, it starts from Gold Nova I -> Gold Nova II -> Gold Nova III -> Gold Nova Master -> Master Guardian I -> Master Guardian II -> Master Guardian Elite.

The final 5 ranks are where professionals and highly skilled CSGO players are, it starts from Distinguished Master Guardian -> Legendary Eagle -> Legendary Eagle Master -> Supreme Master First Class -> Global Elite.

CSGO Medal accounts, Coin accounts, and accounts with a loyalty badge can also be bought from, buy csgo accounts using paypal, these accounts offer a better in-game experience with better matchmaking and Trust Factor which will give you an advantage over fresh accounts.

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If you want to buy CSGO Smurf accounts we at offer all the ranks at a cheap price. CSGO Smurfing and buy csgo accounts using paypal is very common nowadays as people use it to play with their friends. You can choose any rank you want to buy depending on how good you are at the game. All our CSGO Accounts are Prime ready and can be used for competitive matchmaking. We offer instant delivery so once you purchase an account from, you will get all of the account details which you can then change.

Buy Csgo Accounts Using PayPal

PayPal is a worldwide online payment system. PayPal offers many features and benefits such as the ability to pay anyone worldwide, one-click transactions, secure transactions, and password memory. PayPal is very secure and this is why it is used by many online vendors as a payment method because it is safe and secure.

Buy Csgo Accounts using PayPal

To buy CSGO accounts using PayPal from you will need to have a PayPal Account. Once we receive the money, we will automatically deliver the credentials of the account to your email.

Creating a PayPal account is simple, if you already have an account then you can skip this.

1.       You need to have a valid bank account and credit/debit card.

2.       Sign up on the platform using your credentials.

3.       Verify your bank account and credit/debit card. PayPal will charge a small fee to your bank to verify the purchase.

4.       Once the verification is complete, your PayPal account is no longer restricted and you send/receive money.

Now you can Instant checkout using PayPal since you have a verified account. This makes it easier to transfer money with just one click.

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