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7 Steps to increase CSGO Trust Factor

green csgo trust factor

Valve Corporation, the creators of Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), Half-Life, DOTA, etc, have come up with a new system to combat the Toxicity and Hacking problem that is affecting the Competitive matchmaking of CSGO. We will guide you, and give you 7 steps to ensure you you have a green csgo trust factor.

The Trust Factor is a system implemented for CSGO at the end of 2017, it was created to improve Prime matchmaking for the competitive ladder by improving the matchmaking experience and getting rid of the toxicity and hacking problem for the dedicated players.

What is the “Trust Factor” in CSGO?

The Counter strike Global Offensive Prime matchmaking system has its drawbacks like the game requiring you to have reached CSGO rank 21

This separated many players who played CSGO competitively together because they were unable to queue with each other.

The Prime System brought about a big backlash in the community and so Valve came out with the Csgo Trust Factor System.

The Csgo Trust Factor system will easily improve your matchmaking experience and csgo rank if you are a good and honest CSGO player.

The Trust Factor is the successor to Prime. It was launched as a new and improved method for matchmaking players. It combines the best features of Prime and several other hidden factors, such as, how frequently is an account reported for cheating, how much in-game experience they have, time spent playing CSGO and other Steam Games, and what they did overall across the steam platform.

This is called the System trust, all these factors are considered and taken into account to derive a player’s CSGO Trust Factor value.

Valve Corporation does not openly state the factors used in Prime and Trust Factor Matchmaking as it often changes and can be exploited if known.

As a player, you cannot view the exact value of your Trust factor but you can check if it is low or high.

The goal of the CSGO Trust Factor system is to match similar players without them worrying about the quality of their matches. 

The Trust factor will match players similar to you for you to play with, depending on the skill group, and the number of players queuing your matchmaking will vary.

Note that the Trust Factor is always ON and you don’t need to look through the settings to turn this magical feature on.

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What does the CSGO Trust Factor do?

Valve Corporation wanted to get rid of the toxicity and cheating that was running rampant in CSGO. Getting matched with a Cheater or a Toxic player is the last thing you’d want.

If you have a low Csgo Trust Factor Rating then you will be matched with players with the same Trust Rating, which means the chances of you getting matched with a hacker in the next match is very likely and the quality of the matches are poor. The matched players are mostly always of the same Trust Rating.

Valve showed us the results of this System and it does what it was intended to do, match cheaters with cheaters.

It makes the game better in every way for all the dedicated players that play for getting better at the game.

Due to this new Trust Factor system combined with the existing Prime matchmaking system, has given rise to the Trust Factor Matchmaking System which works for every match.

Using this Valve can easily cut down on the number of cheaters and toxic players in the Competitive ladder that ruin the experience for everyone. This means that hackers will be matched with hackers due to their low Trust Factor ratings. But even if you are not a hacker you can slip into this category. To get yourself the Trust Factor you have to follow the methods in this guide for the best possibility.

How do I get to know my Csgo Trust Factor?

You can get to know your Csgo Trust Factor or a Trust factor of any individual very easily with these few steps.

1. Find a friend with a Green Csgo Trust Factor.

But how do I find a player with a Green Trust Factor?

– Usually, players with lots of wins, overwatch investigations, service medals, and loyalty badges will most likely have a Green Trust Factor.

– The player will not be highlighted when queuing up together with a Red or Yellow message.

2. Now you have to invite them to your party and queue together with them.

3. When you start the queue one of three things will happen. You can get a Red, Yellow, or no warning at all, depending on this you will know your Trust Factor.

The individual in the party with the lowest Trust Factor and Prime Status is chosen in that party for matchmaking purposes.

But what do they mean?

Here’s an explanation of the Trust Factor Warnings.

1.    Red Csgo Trust Factor

If you get a Red-colored message stating the following

Your matchmaking experience will be significantly affected because the Trust Factor of <Player> is substantially lower than yours.”

If you get this message, then it means that one of the members of your party that you are queuing with has a trust factor significantly lower than yours.

This means that the system will match players with the same Red Trust factor as the player with the lowest Trust Factor in the party will be considered for CSGO matchmaking.

Queuing with these types of players very often will affect your Trust Factor and you will encounter hackers in your matches.

2.    Yellow Csgo Trust Factor

If you get a Yellow-colored message stating the following

Your matchmaking experience may be slightly impacted because the Trust Factor of <Player> is lower than yours.”

Yellow CSGO Trust Factor

If you get this message, then it means that the individual in the party you are queuing with has a trust factor slightly lower than yours.

This means that the system will match players with the same Yellow Trust factor as the player with the lowest Trust Factor in the party will be considered for CSGO matchmaking.

Queuing with these types of players very often will affect your Trust Factor but you are less likely to see a hacker in your game.

3.    Green Csgo Trust Factor

If you get no message about the Trust Factor when queuing and go straight into matchmaking then it means that all the CSGO Players in the lobby have a Green Trust Factor. But this could also mean that all players in the lobby have the same Trust Factor being red and yellow.

Green CSGO Trust Factor

To test if you have the Green Trust Factor then you MUST have at least one Player in the lobby who has a Green Trust Factor.

Why is my Csgo trust factor low?

Firstly, many factors affect the Trust Factor of a CSGO Player. A few of them are listed below. While these are not officially confirmed by Valve, the ones below are shown to affect the Trust Factor.

1. You have a Non-Prime Account, this is mostly the case as the majority of the Red and Yellow Csgo Trust Factor Players are Non-Prime Players. Your Prime status matters the most.

Players who do not have a Prime account have the lowest Trust Factor, so its either a grind to Rank 21 or you can just buy a copy of CSGO from Steam.

2. If Your Account is restricted or if you haven’t linked your phone number then it will affect your Trust Factor significantly.

3. Regularly Queuing with players of a low Csgo Trust factor, indeed this will also lower your Trust Factor.

4. If the factors above don’t affect you, then you most definitely have players reporting your account very often. Depending on the amount of times you are reported the Trust Factor will significantly be affected.

5. If you’ve previously been VAC banned on your account or another account, then this will hurt your Trust Factor for a long time.

6. You have a friends list full of hackers. If you play with a cheater and he gets banned then you lose Trust Factor, your rank, and much more which will hurt your account badly. 

7. Damaging your own teammates, yes we know it is fun if the teammate is your friend, but if you get kicked from the server for doing this then it will affect your Trust Factor negatively.

How do I increase my trust factor in CS GO?

If you are a player who has a Red or Yellow Trust Factor and you want to improve your trust factor, then you can follow the steps below to try and improve your Trust Factor.

1. Link your Phone number to your Steam id and agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement which will boost your Trust Level.

2. Making your Account “Unrestricted” is another way to boost your Trust Factor, All you have to do is spend a minimum of $5 on your Steam account to buy a game or skin, this will give you a good Trust Factor.

3. Be an active and positive member of the CSGO, Steam Community, and avoid getting reported multiple times by other players, this is the reason hackers are plaguing low Trust Factors since they are frequently reported for cheating.

4. Become an Overwatch Investigator. Enable Overwatch on your CSGO account and inspect matches daily to improve your Trust Level.

5. Tell your friends to commend your account, this will improve your Trust Factor values slightly.

6. Level up your CSGO Private rank to level 40 to get the service medal of the current year. Earning medals significantly improves the Trust Factor.

7.  Make sure to have a Prime account by getting to level 21 or buying the game. Prime status will improve your Trust Factor.

Does overwatch increase Csgo Trust Factor?

Yes, Overwatch increases your Trust Factor but you need to be eligible for it first. You need a minimum of 150 competitive wins on your steam account to unlock Overwatch.

Once you have overwatch, you should do around 5-10 matches every day. Make sure you make the right decisions as this will affect your investigative score and will significantly affect how much Trust Factor and XP you earn from Overwatch sessions.

Doing all the above-mentioned methods should help you get your Csgo Trust Factor to Green easily. Hope you found this article helpful. Do let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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