What is CSGO Smurf?

As we all are aware, Counter-Strike: Global Offense is arguably one of the most iconic titles of its generation backed by a strong heritage of its established core gameplay and active community. Given the scene, the hype surrounding CS:GO smurf accounts has drastically gained popularity over the recent years. But, let’s take a look at what exactly is a CS:GO smurf account. Well! in CS:GO an originally higher ranked player purchases and then plays on a lower ranked profile. This particular transition is called ‘’smurfing’’. Doing so, helps the player completely annihilate the opponents with his smashing skills who are new-comers. This is similar to a national level footballer playing against high-school footballers. thus, a smurf basically dominates every round.

Why Buy Smurf Account?

Buying CS:GO smurf accounts is regarded as a massive transition in the career of CSGO player having its own advantages. Firstly, the satisfaction of humiliating the noobs. Secondly, purchasing a cheap CS:GO smurf account relieves the player from the pressure of maintaining his profile status and therefore from the worry of ruining their matchmaking or win rate. A very apparent reason for choosing smurf accounts is the absence of queue time which saves a lot of time of the players. Also, they don’t have to choose between friends and ratings. 

There are various types of CS:GO smurf accounts broadly ranked as follows: silver, gold novas, master guardians, legendary eagle to global elites. Silver ranks are the most purchased smurf accounts because they are the lowest ranked accounts and most of the smurfs are gold nova or above ranked players. Further, silver ranked accounts are divided into silver 1, silver 2, silver 3, silver 4, silver elite and silver elite master. Gold nova is that rank which mostly all players get when they play for a few days and you will find it in ranks charts the many players are gold novas or you can say Gold Nova 1. Here too we have ranks from gold nova 1 to gold nova master. Gold nova Master is the average rank in CS:GO as you play more your skill improves and your rank too. Master guardian to master guardian elite are the advanced ranks and above gold novas. The players are entitled to these ranks through efficient practice and by playing daily for few hours to become the pro players who have an excellent aim. 

What is CSGO Prime Accounts?

These accounts can further be classified into a prime status. CS:GO Prime Accounts are those accounts which allows you to play in the prime matchmaking pool while in ranked. An account is said to be prime if it is linked to your mobile number. With prime, you can play in prime matchmaking which has a significantly lower number of hackers in the server. Since Prime players are only matched with other Prime players, they can feel safer about their opponents. They’ll only play against people who invested in the game, either with money or time thereby increasing the number of fair matches.

What are Service Medals?

CS:GO has a ranking system based on experience. Once you reach rank 40 you have completed the hierarchy and have an option of receiving the service medal created for that year. After rank 40, the rank resets back to rank 0 and the whole cycle repeats. If, however, you are able to complete the hierarchy and attain the rank 40 a second time in the same year, your existing medal upgrades.

How to get 5 Year Veteran Coin?

Veteran accounts are unique accounts in the gaming world. A player is awarded a 5 year veteran coin if he owned the game for 5 consecutive years and played the game atleast once. In the same manner, players are awarded the 10-year veteran coin when they have played Counter Strike for over 10 years or have had the game in their library for that period of time. They must have also played CS:GO at least once to qualify for this offer. However, if you are not one of these players than you can buy these prestigious accounts. The account is very significant and will lead you to a great victory in the game.

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