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The evergrowing CSGO community has several types of accounts available, although with the new "Danger Zone" update there has been a massive change in the CSGO smurf scenario. As the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now free to play,  all accounts on our website except Veteran coin accounts feature CSGO Instant Prime. With the new update was the launch of Loyalty Badges, given to all CSGO gamers who had attained Private Rank 2 on the date of the update. Our website also offers Service Medal accounts including the all-new 2019 Service Medal. 5-year and 10-year coin accounts are also available on demand. We also have fresh CSGO Prime accounts starting at just 10$. 


Ranked accounts are purchased by gamers who wish to play on a specific rank ranging from the essential Silver 1 to troll noobs and to The Global Elite to get the taste of how the game is at the GE level. You can buy Global Elite accounts and even silver accounts from our website. Prime matchmaking lobby ensures that you meet with fewer hackers in the game. GetRankedAccount does not indulge in sale or purchase of CSGO hacks.

      What is Trust Factor and how does it affect my gameplay? 

Trust Factor was introduced by Valve in CSGO. This system works by matching people against those people who have recieved cheating reports. The higher number of cheating reports means you'll be matched against another person having high number of cheating reports. We at GetRankedAccount ensure all our accounts have low trust factor to ensure you a good experience in CSGO. 

     What CSGO Skill Groups do you have?

We have all Skill Groups available including Silver Primes, Gold Nova Primes, Master Guardian Primes, Distinguished Master Guardian Primes, Legendary Eagle Primes, Supreme Master First Class Primes (SMFC Primes) and Global Elite Primes. All accounts are ready to use and are instantly delivered.  We also have High-tier Primes, Service Medal Accounts and Veteran Coin Accounts as well.

Do you sell/use CSGO hacks?

We at GetRankedAccount do not indulge in the use of CSGO hacks in anyway. We do not indulge or support any practices which ruin a common gamer's experience i.e hacks. All the accounts on the website are boosted by our team of professionals to ensure you a hassle-free experience.

    How do you manage to have Global Elite in stock while it is the hardest rank to achieve?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions at our live chat support. Unlike other website which commonly use 3rd party softwares and hacks to boost their accounts to Global Elite, we have a dedicated professionals team for the task of boosting accounts. So you need not worry about the accounts getting banned or anything else which may cause you 

Why GetRankedAccount? 

The number of websites selling csgo smurf accounts is ever increasing. However, it is utmost necessary to ensure that the site you purchase from does not use any 3rd Party software or hacks to boost your account. All CSGO ranked accounts sold by GetRankedAccount are owned and generated by our teams. We do not indulge in purchasing CSGO smurf accounts from gamers. GetRankedAccount also provides you with 24x7 Live Chat Support and Instant Delivery of accounts.





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